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 This is it! In 2024 We stand beside so many creative, colorful and courageous individuals.We thank you for your support. Young musicians, writers, poets, podcasters,rappers; all have a place they call theirs.  The Conservatory BLOCK is their place. We must say the expense to run this operation, is a lot less than the expense our community would have if we didn't have such a space. You must know that we have three very pivotal plans that are destined to be productive and positive and we have a goal to raise $100,000 for these plans:

                                                                  *Music Lessons  *All-Age Live Venue *Campus                                                                                       

To Contribute, it is as easy as 1 2 3

      1. choose a pivotal plan

     2. click a plan button 

     3. fill out the Plan Contribution Form

*your contribution is a tax deduction

*your contribution has a value statement with detailed expenditures to show you how much we appreciate you!

Sponsor Music Lessons

$100  one student, one month

$ 2,000 one student, one year


   Pledge monthly $50

Sponsor The All-Age Venue

Live Shows every Friday night 

$500 to sponsor one show

$2000 to sponsor four shows


             Pledge monthly $50


$100 studio maintenance 

$ 1,000 name your studio 

        *you sponsor a studio, and we'll name it            after you for 2023 (12 mos)


                          Pledge monthly $50

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