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The Conservatory BLOCK welcomes Blue Cafe & coffee shop, Gimme Shelter vintage shop, The Block Art Gallery, The Block Recording Studio, The Block Live Space for all age shows and the newest edition:      The Listening Lounge Opening SOON! When you are a member of The Conservatory, you can have a member's discount at all of these venues who support The Conservatory of Music!

  • How can I become a member?
    The membership to The Conservatory now is for the entire Conservatory BLOCK! Click on The BLOCK link and goto the website for memberships! You will have your own member identiy and membership page to then communicate with your teacher and friends on The BLOCK. Family Memberships are $100 for the year and Student Memberships are $75 for the year.
  • Can I register for more than one Club in The Harmony Project?
    Yes! Simply Join the Zoom invitaion for your Club Session and have fun! Invite your friends that play music as this club is free... all must be player though!
  • How can I make a donation to The Conservatory?
    On every page, we give you an opportunity to donate to our mision! You will recieve a receipt for your tax reference and depending on the donation amount you will have recognition! $100 is for a block on The BLOCK WALL, $500 or more in for The CONTRIBUTOR"S Wall, and $2,000 is for a music scholarship for one student for one year!
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