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1307-1309 Pierce St. Sioux City, IA  51105

Tel: 712-574-1751   TEXT IS GOOD TOO

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Lesson Program    

This program consists of up to four students in a beginner's quartet lesson (four student lesson) meeting once weekly for one hour. The season for the quartets are from recital to recital.  September's or March's recitals for the quartets are to be public.   At the first recital for all quartets, students will graduate on to the intermediate lesson program.                                                      The fee for this program is:   $15                               Monthly tuition accepted until March of 2020.  

 Intermediate  Lesson Program    

This program is designed for one  student in private lesson. The lessons are weekly for one hour with music theory presented, song writing applied and performance a goal.  The season for this lesson is from recital to recital. September's or March's recitals for this program are to be public.  When a public recital is celebrated, students in this program will advance with either their teacher or move into another program. Ideally, this program will be a continued program specific to the students needs.         

The fee for this program is:   $25                               Monthly tuition accepted until March of 2020.  

Classical Program
Digital Recording Program
Film Making Program

Register for the classical music program:  to learn an instrument in classical study.

 to learn a brief history of classical music.

 to learn  skills in reading classical music.

Program Director:  Mary Watts

One class and one lesson weekly.

Teaching Violin, Harp, Cello, Bass & Piano.

 $700  Includes 5 Recording Sessions

Dates: January 6, 2020 - June 12, 2020

            August 24, 2020- Dec. 18, 2020 

Registration deposit $200.00           

Register for the digital recording program: to learn composing digital music.                 to learn beat making and mastering.           to learn organic music layored over digital beats, and studio recorded instruments.


Program Director:  Gia Emory

One Class and one lesson weekly.

Teaching digital beat making & recording. 

$700  Includes  5 Recording Sessions

Dates:  January 6, 2020- June 12, 2020

             August 24, 2020- Dec. 18, 2020

Registration deposit $200.00

Register for the film making program:       to learn screen- play writing.

to learn cinematography.

to learn editing.

to learn production.

Program Director:  Brenden Smyth

One class and one film project weekly.     Teaching video production, computer and camera care, directing.

$ 340  Includes Film Viewing Sessions.

Dates: January 6, 2020 - June 12, 2020

            August 24, 2020- Dec. 18, 2020

Registration deposit $100.00  

Scholarship Program  

Apply for scholarship, or give to the scholarship program.   More to come!