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Semester Courses Group Lessons
Private Lessons, Family Lessons Harmony Project Free Genre Sessions

 Lesson Program consists of weekly lessons with two recitals a year.  

group Lessons: Beginners are placed in a quartet lesson for one recital season.  Quartets consist of four students.

After the recital goal accomplished, the Quartet student progresses into a private lesson. Quartet Lessons:  $15 weekly. 

Private Lessons: Intermediate students as well as students who prefer the private lesson experience for one recital experience and assigned the free Harmony Project Club session.   Private Lessons:   $35 weekly.

Band Ensemble Lessons:  Genre Study, where students who have accomplished two recital goals, played in a Harmony Club, and would like to have a coach to understand the band experience and business.  All genre of music and established players already in a band that would like coaching.  Band Lessons:  $25 weekly.


Courses: Semester courses are $350 for each semester, January to May & August-December. The fees are due when registration is due for each course and include a student membership for the entire year. Course lessons are for one hour every week and shared, a classroom setting. 

The HARMONY PROJECT  Hourly Music Sessions          once weekly and free to all members. 

The Harmony Project is The Conservatory's community outreach project where our mission to use music as a platform to reach people all over the world and bring them together in harmony by studying the songs played, the composers, the song story then to play them together in front of an audience, online or in person!  The Harmony Project is free, hosted by a Conservatory staff member consisting of up to 10 music clubs with an unlimited amount of participants joining the club sessions every day of every week!  This program was designed by founder Gia Emory where she sees the potential in this program to build a bridge bringing social classes, age groups together as a  brilliant exchange of cultural experience.  The Clubs for you to register are:  

Rock Club Thursday 8pm  

Veteran's Club be announced

Folk Club be announced  

Ukulele Club... to be announced 

Crash Drum Club Monday 6pm

Jazz Club Sunday 6pm

Vocal Club Thursday 8pm

Blues Club Thursday 7pm

Strum Club Friday 6pm 

Grand Piano
Scholarship Program  

Scholarships ROCK at The Conservatory of Music!  

     One Year Music Study 

     Two Recitals

      All Access Pass on The BLOCK

      One Instrument

      To Sponsor a Student the value of The Scholarship annually is $2,000 including an instrument,  weekly sessions, for one hour of class time, additional Harmony Project Sessions, and the all access pass in membership for your participant to grow coming outside of music lesson time to study, to play records, to socialize, and to write music!

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