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This is your chance to make a difference in contribution or make a difference in your study in music lesson!                                                                                      To Apply for Scholarship, Please complete The Scholarship Inquiry For Music Lessons white form below.


 The commitment of each scholarship at The Conservatory of Music is to attend a weekly private lesson for one year!  If you are struggling in school, or at home, your scholarship applications with worth appliying just as if your aren't  because we can help you this year with your other struggles.  We do expect to see your grades, and meet your guardians through out the year, we expect to host your performance and celebrate with you!  That must be your commitment besides your music study, is that you engage in our program and trust it to make your life a bit better!  

Please fill out the initial inquiry form for the first step!

To Contribute for Music Scholarship for One Year, Please Complete the Sponsor a Student for One Year blue form below.             Please donate to this Program for a tax deductible receipt and a chacne to bless someone!

Sponsor a Student for One Year 

Help us make a difference a person's life for private music lessonsfor one year, one instrument   total Scholarship Award Value $2000.00


Thank you for your support!

Scholarship Inquiry For Music Lessons 

Thanks for submitting this is your inquiry for a scholarship you will be notified by email from this form for the next step to be announced for a one year scholarship at The Conservatory of Music.  

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