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 Grant Awards

Gilchrist Foundation's Matching Funds Grant $50,000 

Dedicated to building improvements, new electrical, new roof, new lighting for the youth venue space and new bathrooms in 1307 Pierce Building. 

M.A. Martin Everist Foundation Grant $ 75,000

Dedicated to The Sound Garden, 2013,  improving the outdoor live music  setting, and hosting free events in it!  The Sound Garden is expanding to the east green space at 1307 Pierce St. hosting music sessions outside and in the live venue!


MRHD Grant  $40,000

Dedicated to funding The Harmony Project in free lessons for over 42 students, Property Impovements in retaining exterior walls, new windows, new equipment for The Conservatory's film & Music for Film program. 

HardRock Heals Annual Golf Tournament 

From The HardRock Hotel & Casino Sioux City $26,000

Dedicated to funding the Harmony Project mission sponsering 

over 60 students for performance and weekly study in music clubs. 

Purchasing instruments for The Coservatory, new guitars, new amps

and percussion equipment,  

Contributors in Scholarships  and Matching Funds Commitments for Gilchrist Mission

Chesterman Co.

Sunnybrook Church

Mercy Medical Center 

HardRock Hotel & Casino

Regina Roth

Craig and Jennifer Letch

Contributors in supporting the Campus Setting

Dave Bernstein

Cy Chesterman

Mark Monson

Mark Teimans

Lynn Watson

Adam and Alyssa McCulloch Feiges

Thank You Volunteers for Your Most Valuable Time Spent in the effort to make a difference. You Have! Dennis Kelly, Mark Roost, Mary Watts, Brandon Young, MacDonald Hoskins, Josie Jackson, Hillary Djos, Spencer Aspleaf, Ben Ely, Ben Jackson, Diane Holgate

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